Postmark: Aug 13, 1962, Geneva, Switerland

Postmark: Oct 13, 1954, Glens Falls, NY

Text: Dear Sara, So glad to receive your card + to hear the good news about Bill. Wish we could have been there too to help celebrate. We are having nice weather too - 85 today. Good luck to you ?? your ???. Love Grandma ????

Postmark: April 19, 1942, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Text: Dear Lester, Wish I could have had you children with me to see the parade this afternoon. I told Vernon that you wanted him to visit you some time. Lots of Love Your Aunt Lizzie

Postmark: Feb 21, 1913, Hagerstown, MD

Text: How are you all? I’m homesick to hear from you. Jamie 2-20-13

Postmark: Sept 7, 1905, Brooklyn, NY

Postmark: July 7, 1962, Dusseldorf, Germany

Postmark: Lucern, Switzerland, Sept 3, 1954

Text: We took the cable car up ???? and I was scared to death - but the view was ???? received your letter today. Love B

Postmark: Mississippi, Nov 20, 1941

Text: Hello, everybody, Has a fine trip on the boat President while in New Orleans about 3 weeks ago. Very beautiful town, had a fine time. Carlton Steiner

Postmark: Buffalo, NY, Sep 11, 1912

Text: Taking in the sights of Buffalo weather not so pleasant from Geo

Postmark: New York City, Dec 11, 1904

Text: Dearest Sylvia: - I am now in Washington + expect to stay here till Tuesday noon. Will tell you all about my trip when I return. Yours as ever Lill